Helm Charts


        helm repo add tjungbauer https://charts.stderr.at/

        help repo update

These Charts are used to make my life easier when I need to install a Demo-Environment. Anyone is free to use them and make suggestions.
Mainly used by: https://github.com/tjungbauer/openshift-cluster-bootstrap


collection-management-operators (1.0.12)

Collection of management Operators which are usually installed on the management cluster only. I.e. Quay, ACM, Cert-Manager...

collection-operators (1.0.14)

Collection of Operators which can be deployed on Demo Systems.

collection-optional-operators (1.0.11)

Collection of optional operators, like CodeReadyWorkspaces.

compliance-operator-full-stack (1.0.12)

Master chart to deploy and configure the Compliance Operator

generic-cluster-config (1.0.10)

This Chart is responsible to deploy generic clusterconfiguration, for example etcd encryption, oauth etc.

helper-argocd (1.0.4)

Takes care of creation of Applications and ApplicationSets

helper-operator (1.0.11)

A helper Chart to reduce code repetition. This Chart should be called as a dependency by other charts in order to install Operators

helper-proj-onboarding (1.0.2)

This Chart shall deploy namespaces and their depending resources, like NetworkPolicies or Quotas etc.

helper-server-side-apply (1.0.3)

Using Server Side Apply to create for example node labelling, requires openshift-gitops 1.6+

helper-status-checker (1.0.7)

A helper Chart which creates a job to verify if the deployments of an operator are running. To do so it creates a service account with a role to read the status of the Deployments

openshift-data-foundation (1.0.7)

Deploys the OpenShift Data Foundation Operator

openshift-gitops (1.0.7)

Installs and patches the Red Hat Openshift Gitops Operator

openshift-logging (1.0.3)

Deploy and configure OpenShift Logging including Elasticsearch and Kibana

pipeline-example (1.0.1)

Create an example Pipeline which does a linting of openshift-cluster-bootstrap using kubelinter, yamllin, yamlscore ....

rhacm-full-stack (1.0.4)

Master chart to deploy RHACM operator

rhacs-demo-applications (1.0.1)

Deploy a demo application with known SECURITY RISKS!!! Used for RHACS Demos

rhacs-full-stack (1.0.7)

Master chart to deploy RHACS operator, initialize it and do some configuration using API Calls

sealed-secrets (1.0.8)

A Helm chart to deploy sealed-secrets - epends on Bitnami's helm chart